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Banjo Panic LLC’s Cower and Tremble Now Available on iOS

Defeat the immortal machine in this robust, free-to-play roguelite on iOS devices now.

          Stephenville, TX, 10/28/2019 — Banjo Panic LLC is happy to announce the official release of their first title, Cower and Tremble, on iOS devices. Roguelite fans can download this title for free and play through the entire game on any iOS device with iOS 12.0 or later.

          Cower and Tremble is a story-driven roguelite with a robust customization system, important decisions, and difficult bosses. Players will experience the story through vibrant procedurally-generated levels and challenging boss fights at the end of each level. Gameplay finds strong diversity in the multiple weapon types and techniques available in each level, offering powerful new abilities such as “Meteor.”  Cower and Tremble offers a wide variety of skins and dyes available through the in-game shop or through gameplay. Players can dye each piece of armor separately, allowing them to mix and match their character in their own unique way.

          “I saw a need in the mobile market for a full roguelite experience without egregious microtransactions,” said Banjo Panic LLC’s CEO and game creator, Macklin McAllister. “I tried to create the game I wanted to see in the market, and step away from a need to pay constantly to play the game.”

          Cower and Tremble benefited from an open beta test season, with beta builds being uploaded semi-regularly and available to anyone who found the links on the company’s twitter account. A Discord server was used for beta testing and stayed open post-release for player feedback directly to the game’s developers.

CEO/Lead Developer:

Macklin McAllister


Cower and Tremble Title

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